Fayetteville Brunch Guide

One of my favorite things about a Fayetteville summer is that the town slows down just a bit.  Most of the college students have evacuated and it becomes more obvious who the locals are.  Especially if one ventures out for brunch.

Weekend brunches are something to be celebrated in Fayetteville.  I like to make it a half-day event.  Sleep in a little, head to my favorite eatery, maybe venture to the Farmer’s Market afterwards on the Fayetteville Square, and then go home and collapse as though I just finished some sort of exhausting sporting event. As mentioned previously, with the students being gone for the summer, I think it is the perfect time to try new places and not have to consider the wait time nearly as much.

These are my favorite brunch spots in Fayetteville at the moment:

Arsaga’s (at the Depot and on Church & Center) : 

Admittedly, I’m a little biased when it comes to Arsaga’s.  It was the first restaurant that I ate at when I moved to Fayetteville and I actually worked at the Church & Center location for a bit after college.  The Arsaga family is a group of incredible people and on top of that, they have created amazing atmospheres at both locations with equally amazing food.  The Depot has more variations of food ranging from a standard breakfast of bacon and eggs or pancakes, but they also have incredible crepes and bagels. The drink menu is also quite elaborate.  If you are looking for a lavish drink or just black coffee, this is the place.  The Church & Center location has the same drink menu as the Depot, but the food is a bit different.  While they do have bakery items for a quick grab n go, their main focus is artisan toast.  Trust me, this is not the same toast that you make for yourself when you’re in a hurry.  This toast is well thought out from savory pimento cheese paired with tender pork and pickled carrots to brûléed banana slices over Nutella .  Everything is delicious and you absolutely cannot go wrong with any order.  (They do have gluten free bread and vegetarian/vegan options.)

Little Bread Co.

LBC is a perfect stop on your way to the Farmer’s Market. This little bakery has a lot of charm from the ivy covering the front entryway to the one of a kind mural painted on the side patio. I like to keep it simple with avocado spread on a bagel, but they have a wide array of sweet and savory pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and amazing cake slices if you’re wanting something more. The Fayetteville Square is just a stone’s throw away, so once you’re finished eating you can easily go peruse the local Farmer’s Market and walk off some of those pastry carbs.

The Farmer’s Table

If you love a standard American breakfast of some variety of eggs and bacon or pancakes, this Farm to Table restaurant is sure to impress. They have sweet potato pancakes that truly have a cult following, myself included. What’s unique about this restaurant is they provide a list of each farm where they get their ingredients. I love reading the stories of each farm and how they came to be. The decor and friendly staff makes it feel like you’re eating at home instead of a restaurant. If there happens to be a wait, there are fun beanbag games outside to pass the time.

Dirty Apron Bakehouse

Dirty Apron Bakehouse is somewhat new to the restaurant scene in Fayetteville, but their food is worth seeking out. The bakery is tucked away close to Fayettechill Basecamp. They recently added outdoor seating making it a great spot to camp out briefly and do some people watching. Everyday they make naturally leavened sourdough bread and it is some of the best bread I’ve ever tasted. The menu consists of a variety of sandwiches and salads along with both sweet and savory pastries. They serve Onyx coffee and utilize an honor system with their mugs if you self serve. All in all, a wonderful little place to spend a morning.

Cafe Rue Orleans

$1.99 mimosas, anyone? If that isn’t enticing in itself, the New Orleans take on brunch should do the trick. Whether it’s shrimp and grits, a creole omelet, or French toast, all of the food has a Louisiana twist to it. On top of the food, the restaurant view is rather unique. It sits on the top of a two story building and the entire front of the second story is glass windows making it feel a bit like you’re sitting on top of the street. Great views, great breakfast-sounds pretty ideal to me.

In summary,

There are so many wonderful places throughout Fayetteville to go eat, but these five definitely stand out in my mind. I hope you’re able to take a moment of pause this weekend, perhaps stop at one of these restaurants, and spend time with your loved ones.

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